Reasons why

Why did i start this blog? Well why not? But seriously, I’ve been thinking about doing one for a while now. Not that I’m a good writer or anything but i feel like some experiences and thoughts in my life need to be written down, not for you guys in particular but so i can get things off my chest.

Now to be truly honest with you, a lot of it will be about animals. I’m sorry but i can’t help it but it’s 90% of what i think about – just to warn you i do get carried away when talking about them! A lot of it will be about my experiences living on a small holding for 8 years which i have just moved from, bringing one of my German Shepherd’s with me. It’s a very long story of why i moved away from such a beautiful place and leaving the other two German Shepherd’s was incredibly difficult – and i won’t ever be able to see them again but i didn’t have a lot of choices, more on which we shall get to later on.

Another topic i will be talking about is my mother. She was a very special lady who sadly passed away about a year and a half ago. It’ll be about her 6 battles with cancer, how it affected everyone, the good times and the bad and what it’s like now without her.

My life has changed dramatically the past year and half since she passed away and me and my sister have moved cities and now share a house together – with two cats and a GSD we may be crazy. But it is a huge adjustment for me as I’ve gone from living on a farm and surrounded by animals to having to sell a few of the animals and moving to a busy village in a different city. I’m just lucky that i still live in the countryside.

And of course it’ll be about my siblings! I have two brothers and two sisters (one of which i do not speak to but moving on), i am very close to the rest of my siblings and they have kept me grounded throughout everything that’s happened. Side Note: I’m a triplet (two girls one boy – no we are not identical), so there may be a bit about what’s it like the good, the bad (yes there is a bad side!) and also the crazy part.

So if any of this interests you yay! stick around and i’ll try to put posts up regularly and if not – it was nice to meet you and thanks for popping by. 😉