My Dog, Part 1

My Dog is 9 months old now she was born in September 2016. She is a gold/tan sable German Shepherd Dog or otherwise known as an Alsatian. No they are not different breeds, Alsatian is the very old English term for it during the world war they used this name instead because of the stigma during the world war they didn’t want it to loose its popularity. But I prefer the name German Shepherd, after all this is the original and correct name.

Now although my family have owned dogs before (in fact only ever German Shepherds), this was the first ever one that was my own and no one else’s. To which I had been craving for a while. We still had our other two GSD’s (German Shepherd Dog) but they were my sisters although everyone in our family claimed them, but i wanted a dog that would look at me and be as loyal to me as they were to my sister. OK to be completely fair Toby the boy viewed everyone as family although he preferred us girls he still was waggy tailed around everyone else as well, he loved everyone and everything. But the bitch that we had Gemma, she knew that she was my sister’s dog and was very loyal to her although she did love everyone else, she was first and foremost my sisters dog.

Seeing the bond that my sister had with her dogs made me crave it for myself as well. Don’t get me wrong I still had a bond with them just not like my sister had. The only problem being that my parents didn’t want another dog around, we already had two dogs. So I did have to wait a few years until i could have my own dog. However the time did eventually arrive.

Now the circumstances as to why I was suddenly allowed a dog I’ll explain another time, however i was allowed whatever dog i wished – as long as it was an outside dog. Now to be truly honest my first choice wasn’t a GSD, I was more interested in huskies, Akita’s and Malamutes! But looking at things realistically i knew that being on a farm and having the animals that we did it was not a good idea! Our two other German Shepherds were bad enough with their prey drive let alone a huskies! So i went through list of other breeds i was into. Bernese Mountain Dog, St Bernard’s, Newfoundlands and few others. Now the reason i didn’t go straight for the German Shepherds was because we already had them i initially wanted a different breed, something new.

But looking further and further into it, German Shepherds fit into our lifestyle very well and their personalities are just incredible. The criteria for the dog was quite simple, It had to be a pup to make sure it integrated with our other dogs well and didn’t have food aggression, It had to be able to live outside come rain or shine (although they do have the complete access to the barn for shelter), It couldn’t have bad separation anxiety (Although I know GSD’s can get it and also most of it is training some dogs even with training can’t handle being separated from their owner for too long like Great Danes). It also had to not have too strong a prey drive to live with our farm animals  (it could at times be difficult enough to keep our other two GSD’s from having lamb dinner!) And last but by no means least it had to have loyalty, i know that even in the most loyal of dog breeds there will be a few that don’t follow the breed rule, however I wanted to pick a breed where for most of them it was naturally loyal. So naturally i was lead straight back to German Shepherds.

“Their curiosity makes them the perfect breed to be a guard dog and their obedience and intelligence allow that inquisitive nature to translate into a hard-working and deeply loyal canine companion.” –

So now it was just a matter of dog or bitch? Both have good and bad points. The boys are generally play orientated most of the time and become like a puppy again during play time. Our German Shepherd Dog was just like this a goof ball and all about playing! He is 8 years old but when he’s playing you would think he was still a puppy. Whereas our German Shepherd Bitch was weary of people but fearless loyal to us and a complete sweetheart once she opened up to you, she was a queen and knew it! She was a complete and utter diva in her teenage years and was very difficult to train during that period but afterwards you had a solid dog who would do anything for you. Which is generally what the females are like – of course with any breed there are a few who break the mould but not many. Nether the less all German Shepherds can be stubborn at one point or other it’s just part of their character.

So originally I was all for the boys i had a name worked out and everything – manly because our boy was so protective over us girls when we were out and about (he didn’t care so much for the boys!) But looking further into the personalities of the boys and girls i realised what i really wanted was a diva who was crazy loyal. I wanted what my sister had with her bitch Gemma. So now it was just finding the right one.

I’ll explain all about how I found my dog’s breeder in the next post. Thanks for reading. 😉