About Me

So this page is all about moi! OK so where do i begin? Well, I’m from the UK born and bred. Originally from a family of seven i know a big family but fun most of the time. Most of my family are big animal lovers and so am i – obviously. My favourite animals are dogs with a close second being horses.

I’ve lived on a small holding for the past eight years and have only recently moved to a different city but still in the countryside (I would go insane if not). I’m living with my sister, her two cats and my 9 month old German Shepherd (the cats are not impressed). I am definitely a farm girl at heart and loved living on a farm especially because of all the animals but also the breathtaking views.

My mother passed away from cancer about a year and a half ago and my father remarried so it has been a turbulent time for me to which my siblings have kept me grounded. I will be talking about the difficult situations and how it has affected us as a whole and individually.

I am a triplet (two girls and a boy) me being the oldest – yes I do regularly let them know this fact, much to their annoyance! It’s quite normal for us but there are good and bad things to being one which i will do posts about.

I am not a very good writer (that’s my sisters department – I’m the animal department), but I wanted to start this blog so i could get my thoughts and feelings off of my chest and maybe some of you will like it too, who knows.

I think that’s all for now, enjoy! 😉



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